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Enterprise AI for document understanding and data activation



We develop products and custom solutions that optimize business processes. Organizations leverage our APIs to quickly and accurately get data out of their documents and directly to where it is needed most.

Train less™

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A large language model for document understanding


⬤ Key-value pairs
⬤ Handwriting recognition
⬤ Urgency detection
⬤ Table Extraction

With our form extraction technology, information is ready to be put to work in your organization, when and where it is needed most. Automate document intake of any starting type, sort relevant forms submitted by your customers, capture critical handwritten markups digitally, and more!
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training required

Our neural network doesn’t require any additional training or examples, It just understands any form out of the box.

Scanned, hand-filled, or fully digital documents are contextualized by our API, ready to be imported into your platform. This capability can be easily built into existing business processes, leading to greater efficiencies and cost savings.

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