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Please grab some time if you want access to RikAI API keys.


RikAI is an enterprise-grade large language model that extracts data from any document without training, regardless of type, format, or language.

As an advanced document understanding API, it can contextualize information, analyze layouts, and find answers to natural language questions across any number of documents.


  • Answers questions
  • Extracts data
  • Classifies and summarizes documents
  • Speaks over 140+ languages and recognizes handwriting
  • Ready day one, out-of-the-box and with zero training


Make your operators more efficient

By automating the process of finding answers, staff can get more done in less time and with less effort.

Eliminate the cost of adoption

Deploying RikAI skips the time, expense, and data required for pre-training and doesn’t involve a lengthy integration process.


Case manager

A case manager asks RikAI to “List the medications being requested” across a day’s queue of prior authorization forms for structured data on each patient.

Queue associate

A queue associate determines a document’s subject by asking “Is this a Blue Cross form?” and “What is the purpose of this form?”


A paralegal asks “What circumstances would void the contract?” about a lengthy terms of service agreement to be informed of the relevant terms.
Please grab some time if you want access to RikAI API keys.